All About Face Oils: Benefits & Usage

All About Face Oils: Benefits & Usage

Moisturising your skin is an essential step in your skincare routine if you want your skin to look radiant, young, and healthy. And when it comes to moisturising your face, possibilities are you rely on a toner, cream, lotion, or serum. We all usually think these products moisturize your skin well. But guys you are totally wrong. While these skin care products are essential in a skincare regimen, there is one more product you’ve ignored which is face oil. So what exactly is this face oil? How to use it? What are the benefits? Let’s know all about face oils!

What Are Face Oils? 

Before we get into the main topic, you need to know exactly what face oil is. Face oils are formulated to provide skin with rich moisture and hydration. It is typically made with a mixture of plant oils that helps in moisturizing and nourish the skin while giving a dewy and radiant glow. 

Face Oils For Different Skin Types

For Normal Skin

Go for oils that are not too heavy. Light oils like coconut, jojoba, kumkumadi and marula work well for normal skin types and have numerous benefits. It increases the skin's elasticity and collagen production which prolongs the ageing process, thus reducing signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. 

For Dry Skin

If you have dry and flaky skin, kumkumadi oil and almond oil will work wonders. These oils contain powerful ingredients that seal in moisture and reduce the dullness and dryness of the skin. These oils are effective even on extremely dry skin conditions like eczema.

For Oily Skin

Lightweight oils and oils that are not too greasy work well for oily skin. These oils do not clog the pores and work better for oily skin types. Oils like tea tree oil, argan oil and grapeseed oil are the best for oily skin. These oils help in reducing acne and unclogging pores.

For Combination Skin

Oils like marula and jojoba work well on combination skin types. They keep the skin nourished and hydrated while preventing it from acne. All these oils sink deep into the skin and also control sebum production. 

What Are The Benefits of Face Oils?

  • Face oil provides a protective barrier:
  • Factors like harmful UV rays and pollution can lead to damage to the skin, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. Face oil helps in repairing that damage by strengthening the skin’s barrier and improving skin texture and health. 

  • Promotes healthy and younger-looking skin:
  • Due to ageing, your skin may appear dry, patchy, and dull, this is because your skin produces less natural oils as you grow. Additionally, if you are dehydrated, haven't had enough sleep, or don't exfoliate frequently enough, your skin may appear dull. Face oil helps in replenishing moisture and promotes glowing skin, regardless of the cause. Face oil can also be used for an immediate dewy and radiant effect.

  • Face oil can soothe and repair damaged skin:
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of face oils can soothe sensitive skin, decrease puffiness, and treat a number of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Face oils are very rich in essential fatty acids, which support the skin barrier and provide the skin with enough hydration and moisture.

    A few other amazing benefits of face oil are:

    1. Strengthens the skin barrier to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin.
    2. Gives smooth, soft and supple skin.
    3. Even out the skin tone.
    4. Enhances natural sebum production
    5. Reduces acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation and blemishes.
    6. Cleanses the skin.
    7. Boosts the skin’s elasticity.
    8. Reduces dark spots.
    9. Neutralizes free radicals and provides noticeable anti-ageing effects.

    This face oil is enriched with natural ingredients like Vitamin E, sandalwood oil & goat milk which helps the skin achieve a glass-like glow while treating the signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

    How Does Face Oil Work?

    1. It improves skin texture while treating signs of ageing. 
    2. Deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple-looking.
    3. It brightens the complexion and helps in fading blemishes and dark spots.

    How To Use Face Oil For Glowing Skin?

    1. Apply a few (4-5) drops into your palm. 
    2. Rub your hands together to slightly warm the oil. 
    3. Pat oil into the skin, and gently massage onto your face and neck. 
    4. Let it sink deep into your skin.

    Finding the right face oil for your skin can unlock your best skin. This essential step is extraordinary for delivering a boost of nourishment and simultaneously addressing several skin issues.

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