Top 5 Benefits of Body Butter

Top 5 Benefits of Body Butter

Before getting to know about the benefits of body butter, let’s know what body butter actually is. Body butter is thicker and richer than general body creams or moisturizers and they are suitable for dry and sensitive skin. They can contain a high amount of natural butter like shea or cocoa butter to natural oils like argan, jojoba, almond, or coconut to protect your skin.

1. You can use it all over your body as a moisturizer.

Yes, you heard it right. You can use it as an all-over body moisturizer. Apply it after your daily shower or bath when your skin is still moist. Because when your body is a bit wet the body butter sinks into your skin providing enough moisture all day. Apply a bit of body butter using broad massaging strokes. But be careful not to use too much or your skin could get sticky and greasy.

2. Body butter is a boon for dry patches on your knees and elbows.

Body butter works like magic if you have dry patches on your knees and elbows. Keep a small box of body butter in your bag, in the drawer at work or college, so you can easily soothe your skin at any time.

Pro tip: It is really worth applying a second layer to problem areas.

3. Body butter is used to reduce stretch marks and scars

As body butter is free from toxic and harsh chemicals and made with natural ingredients, it is safe to use and is very effective. The components of natural body butter are all high in nutritious vitamins which help to nourish the skin and make it soft, smooth, and supple.

4. Soothe freshly-shaved legs

Girls! Are you in need of moisturizing your skin? Don’t worry. All you have to do is just warm up a bit of body butter between your palms and massage it gently starting from your ankles to the thighs. This will not only make your skin smooth but also hydrated all day long.

5. Pamper your feet

Don’t have enough time to get a manicure? Been to a party in your favourite heels? A long day at work? Do your toes not feel smooth and soft anymore? It’s time to pamper them. Take a warm salty foot bath and clean your feet with a fresh towel before massaging the amazing body butter into your soles.

Must-Try Body Butters

1. Skivia Calming Body Butter

Skivia Calming Body Butter is a natural product with no toxins, paraben, or sulphate. This body butter is enriched with natural extracts like saffron, jasmine, lavender & jojoba and deeply moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, kokum butter & cacao butter. It leaves your skin feeling energized, soft, and supple. This body butter removes blemishes, brightens your skin, and gives a natural glow.

2. Skivia Deep Hydrating Body Butter

Skivia Deep Hydrating Body Butter is made out of natural ingredients. This body butter is enriched with natural extracts like cacao butter, moringa & chamomile oil that leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft, and supple. This body butter reduces the appearance of scars and makes your skin look even and youthful.

3. Skivia Nourishing Body Butter

Skivia Nourishing Body Butter is a natural product. This body butter is enriched with natural extracts like cacao butter & argan oil which penetrate deep into the skin to provide nourishment and intensely hydrating agents like cucumber & aloe vera that replenish the skin’s hydration. 

So to keep your skin radiant, silky smooth, and soft throughout the year, the above-mentioned three amazing body butter should definitely be in your home.


Q1. How often should I use body butter?

A1. Body butter should be used once a day, considering the thick texture can retain moisture throughout the day. Body butter benefits cold winter days as it provides the necessary hydration to the body, leaving it plump & bouncy looking. If you prefer shaving, use body butter after each time to repair the skin as it is a crucial step. Dry skin can be the reason behind stretch marks, so it is best to moisturize the skin to prevent them. 

Q2. Can body butter be used daily?

A2. Yes, body butter is meant to be used daily. The formula of body butter is thick as compared to that of lotions, making it an ideal choice of hydration for winters. As for summer, you can use less quantity of body butter and avoid being greasy. 

Q3. Can body butter be used on your face?

A3. The benefit of using body butter is to hydrate your body. When it comes to face, it is advised to use products meant especially to be used on the face. Body butter is best for the body except for the face. Use face serum that is specifically formulated to treat your problem area.

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