Collection: Shampoo

Collection: Shampoo

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Good hair boosts confidence, on the other hand, bad hair makes you feel conscious about it, also it might cause other problems such as acne or pimples. Hair care is so important for your overall health and well-being. A shampoo is the most important part of the hair care routine. But it has to be the best for your hair. Shampoo should not contain nasty chemicals and must be loaded with natural goodness just like Skivia.

Skivia shampoos are made for different hair types and various concerns. That also can be delivered to your doorstep. Order the best natural hair care products from Skivia. In the next paragraph, you get a list of products that are available here at Skivia. 

What Are The Different Shampoos for Various Hair Concerns?

Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo: This shampoo often has hair growth peptides which are responsible for promoting new hair growth. Loaded with many natural hair growth ingredients this shampoo significantly reduces hair fall over a period of time.

Hair Growth Shampoo with Onion Oil: Rich in sulfur, onion oil shampoo helps to reduce the breakage and thinning of hair, and promotes hair growth. 

Deep cleansing Shampoo: Natural cleansing agents that make your hair squeaky clean are used in this shampoo. As a result, your hair looks fuller and voluminous.

Hydrating Shampoo: This shampoo is best for all hair types be it straight or curly. A hydrating shampoo is a mild cleansing shampoo that protects the natural layer of moisture in your hair, without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. Also, it contains hydrating agents that soothe dry hair and reduce frizz. 

Colour Protecting Shampoo: This shampoo is for those people who have styled it with beautiful highlights and colour streaks. The longevity of colour is very less if you use normal shampoo to wash your hair. But colour protector shampoo protects the colour and improves its longevity. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Shampoo

Shampoos not only clean your scalp and hair but also promote hair growth. But you must know the following things to get the perfect shampoo for your hair.

  • Your hair type: Straight, curly, wavy, etc
  • The concerns you have: hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, greasy hair, hair thinning etc.

Ingredients To Look For

  1. Essential oil
  2. Keratin
  3. Glycerin
  4. Argan oil
  5. Natural hydrator: shea butter, aloe vera, etc
  6. Herbs & fruit extracts

Ingredients To Avoid

  1. Sulphate
  2. Paraben
  3. Sodium Chloride
  4. Volumizer
  5. Silicone

How Do Skivia Shampoos Work?

Unlike many shampoos available on the market, Skivia shampoos clean your scalp & hair while protecting the natural oils of your scalp. These shampoos are mild and have hydrating properties. 

Skivia shampoos make your hair clean and feel silky and soft. 

Apart from these, Skivia shampoos are made with natural ingredients and are free of nasty chemicals. Hence, these are gentle on your scalp and hair.

Shop Skivia Shampoos Online

Skivia has many shampoos for different hair concerns. You can pick any shampoo you want from the below list:

  1. Skivia Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
  2. Skivia Deep Cleansing Shampoo
  3. Skivia Colour Protector Shampoo
  4. Skivia Onion Oil Shampoo
  5. Skivia Macadamia & Shea Butter Shampoo
  6. Skivia Keratin & Biotin Shampoo


Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. You only need great hair care products which have the ingredients that your hair needs. Use perfect shampoos, your hair says thank you!


Q1. How often should you wash your hair?

A1. This entirely depends on your hair & scalp type. People with dry hair should wash their hair once a week. People with straight hair can wash their hair twice a week. People whose scalp is too greasy can wash their hair on alternate days. 

Q2. Can shampoo and conditioner be used together?

A2. Yes. You must use them together. Every single time you wash your hair with shampoo, natural oil protecting your hair gets washed away. That’s why you must protect your locks with conditioner post-shampoo.

Q3. Is Skivia Anti Hair Fall Shampoo just for women?

A3. No, this is a gender-neutral product. Men & women both can use it.

Q4. Which type of shampoo is good for hair?

A4. Shampoos are made to serve different purposes. Irrespective of your hair type and concern a mild shampoo is suggested for everyone. Also, your shampoo should not contain any harmful chemicals such as sulphate, paraben and toxins. 

Shampoos containing silicon make your hair feel smooth instantly but it makes your hair bad over time. 

Q5. What do salons use for shampoo?

A5. Most salons use mild hydrating and cleansing shampoos. These shampoos are sulphate & paraben free. 

Q6. What is the best shampoo to use every day?

A6. Mild soap-free shampoos with hydrating properties are considered best for everyday use.