Body Butter

Collection: Body Butter

Collection: Body Butter

Best Natural Body Butter in India

Body butter is a boon for parched skin. It helps skin moisturize deeply. The body lotion is not just enough to provide moisturization to dry skin. In winter, every skin type needs some extra layer of protection. And body lotion often fails to provide that. And you end up lathering layers of it.

But your body butter has to be free of toxins. And loaded with the goodness of plant-based body butter just like Skivia body butter. Skivia's body butter range suits every skin type. Explore Skivia’s most amazing range of body butter. 

Why do you need body butter?

In extreme weather conditions, your skin needs extra nourishment. And your regular body lotion can’t provide that nourishment. Because that doesn’t have as many moisturising agents as much body butter has. Let’s see other amazing reasons 

  • Body butter provides intense hydration
  • Long lasting moisturization
  • Healthy-looking and irresistibly smooth skin.
  • Provides revitalizing effect
  • Treating areas prone to dryness
  • works as an excellent hand and foot cream

How to Choose Body Butter for Different Skin Types?

The consistency of body butter makes it a bad choice for oily skin. Because it might clog pores and lead to acne. People with normal skin can apply it. A higher fat content makes it a perfect choice for dry and very dry skin.

Moisturizer As Per Weather 

Weather also has a role to play in it. In summer, when your skin doesn’t need that much moisturization, body lotions are more than enough. In winter, when skin gets dry and you need an extra layer of protection, body butter can bring the lost charm back. But the less water content might lead to darkening of the skin, so you can apply lotion in the morning and body butter at night. Or else you can apply body mists before slathering on body butter. This step will help your skin stay hydrated and look nourished during winter.

A Range of Body Butter on Skivia

Skivia body butters are made with natural ingredients and are free of nasty chemicals. These amazing body butters are made for all seasons and skin types. 

  1. Calming Body Butter
  2. Deep Hydrating Body Butter
  3. Nourishing Body Butter

Ways To Put Body Butter To The Best Use

The best way to use body butter is to apply it daily. You can apply it post-shower all over your body.

You can apply it twice or thrice on your dry patches such as your elbow, knee and ankles. You can even leave it on without even rubbing it.


Determining body butter according to your skin is crucial. The right one will improve your skin’s health, won’t clog the pores, will add shine and make the appearance better. If you go wrong, forget the improvements, and your skin might act weirdly. 


Q1. What does body butter do?

A1. Body butter is a thick cream that is deeply moisturizing. It can help you protect your skin from dryness as well as rough or patchy skin. Body butter typically contains a combination of naturally derived butter like cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter.

Q2. Is body butter better than lotion?

A2. Yes, body butter is way better than body lotion because of its longevity. Since body butter contains more fats and provides more hydration, a perfect pick for extremely dry skin. The body lotion is light and fast-absorbing, hence reapplication might help such skin types. Otherwise, it’s good for oily and normal skin.

Q3. When should body butter be used?

A3. Body butter should be used in dry and cold weather. You can use it twice a day once post-shower once at night if your skin is extremely dry. 

Q4. Where do I apply body butter?

A4. Body butter should be applied all over your body post-shower. 

Q5. Can body butter clog pores?

A5. No, if it doesn’t have any comedogenic ingredients it won’t clog your pores. Skivia body butters don’t clog pores and make your skin soft & supple from the inside.

Q6. Can I put body butter on my face?

A6. Yes, you can. Butter your face skin has to be the same as your body. Some people have oily skin on their faces but dry skin all over their bodies. If they use their body butter (made for dry skin) on their face they might get breakouts. So, it’s better not to do any experiments with skin care products.

Q7. What is better body oil or body butter?

A7. Body oil is lighter than body butter. Just a few drops will make your skin moisturized. Body oil has either one oil or a mix of a few oils.

On the other hand, body butter is heavier than body oil. Body butter is a mix of plant-based butter and essential oils. We can’t say which one is better for your skin because it totally depends on your skin & its needs.

Q8. Can we use body butter daily?

A8. Yes, just like moisturizer body butter can be used daily.