Collection: Face Care

Collection: Face Care

Shop The Best Face Care Products Online In India

Every product that you use in your face care routine has a vital role to play. Each of them contributes their share to make your skin better. A face wash cleanses your face, moisturizer reinforces the skin barrier. Face serum heals & replenishes the skin from within. While sunscreen makes sure harmful UV rays don’t penetrate your skin. 

But a face care routine needs much more products than we said above. All of these have to be holistic to get you the desired results. But the real trick to getting all these results is to choose every product wisely. Skivia has a range of face care products made with natural ingredients. The entire face care range is free of nasty chemicals and is gender-neutral, anyone can apply them. 

All these products are made considering the need of the modern generation. As they want a fast solution that has to be gentle on the skin. Skivia's face care range is exactly what you need. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Face Care Products

While purchasing face products online or offline you must consider the following things:

  • Your concerns
  • Your skin type
  • Ingredients are given on the product label
  • No toxins should have been used in it
  • Expiry date
  • Direction for use
  • Any specific instructions

The Range Of Face Care Products On Skivia

Skivia has a wide range of face care products that includes:

  1. Face Creams: Skivia face creams are based on natural ingredients and are free of nasty chemicals. These creams are gender-neutral, anyone can apply them. The range includes a day cream, night cream, eye cream and sport correction creams. All these products are gentle on the skin yet very effective in getting desired results.
  2. Face Serums: Skivia’s range of the best face serums is made for different skin types. These face serums are very effective and cater to various needs such as acne control, anti-ageing and many more. These serums are gentle and made with natural ingredients.
  3. Face Oils: Skivia has the most amazing face oils that contain precious herbs. These exotic herbs are effective in making your skin better dramatically. The goodness of these herbs is packed in these face oils. 
  4. Face Scrubs: Gentle exfoliation is what you need for bright & radiant skin. Skivia face scrubs ensure exfoliation while ensuring nourishing. 
  5. Face Masks: Rejuvenation once a week is necessary for everyone. Skivia face packs are packed with various rejuvenating ingredients that replenish your skin from within. 

Face Care Tips Before You Start

Before starting a face care routine you must know the following things:

  • First & foremost your skin type.
  • Identify the concerns you have.
  • Pick the right face products as per the skin type and concerns
  • The toxins that might make your problem worse.
  • Face care routine you should follow

Face Care Routine

  • Step-1 Cleansing - Clean your face with a face wash or a cleanser.
  • Step-2 Toning - Maintain the pH balance of your skin by applying a face toner. In addition, it will hydrate your skin.
  • Step-3 Nourishing - Serum has a powerful boost of effective ingredients which improve your skin’s health. 
  • Step-4 Moisturizing - In this step, use a day cream in the morning and night cream at night.
  • Step-5 Sun Protection - In day time use a sunscreen of a broad spectrum to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays of the sun. At night, you can apply eye cream instead of sunscreen.


A daily face care routine with the right products is necessary to get the best results. Make sure your skincare kit has all the products that your skin needs. One pro tip is to follow us on Instagram and get exclusive knowledge about face care products.


Q1. What is the best care for the face?

A1. A dedicated skincare routine is what you need to keep your skin at its best. Use face care products made with natural ingredients and free from nasty chemicals. Always consider your skin type while selecting face care products.

Q2. What products should I use on my face?

A2. There are multiple things that you should use on your face. A 7-step skincare routine which includes, face wash, toner, serum, eye cream, face cream, spot corrector and sunscreen. This is for the morning. 

At night, use face wash, toner, face oil, eye cream, night cream and spot correction cream. You can skip any of these products as per your preference. But one thing you should always look for is skin type. 

Q3. How do I start a face care routine?

A3. Try to have a dedicated face care routine in the morning and at night. Make sure to use face care products as per your skin type.

Q4. Which product is best for glowing skin?

A4. You can use brightening face cream and face serum. Use a mild exfoliating face scrub once or twice a week. Use a rejuvenating face mask to refresh your skin from within.

Q5. What should I put on my face daily?

A5. You should use at least 4 things on your face daily: face wash, face serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Q6. What should we apply on the face at night?

A6. Clean your face with a mild cleanser or face wash. Then apply a face toner and follow it up with a face serum. Eye cream for the bright eye sockets. People with dry skin can use face oil too. Then to seal the goodness apply a night cream. If you have acne scars or any marks from pigmentation you can use a spot correction cream.